Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Japan, Post One - Introduction

In 2007, the World Science Fiction Convention was held in Yokohama, Japan. Ron and Val Ontell arranged a wonderful tour before the con.

I wish I had kept a journal as I did on the India/Nepal tour, because all I can find are my photos from the Japan trip, and our itinerary. I'm not sure how many photos I can actually match to the cities we visited.

Well, here goes with three-year-old memory!

Japan, like Italy, is an incredibly photogenic country. There are some wild natural areas, but every place that can be cultivated or built on is cultivated or built on. Everything the Japanese touch, they make beautiful.

Not only the gardens and courtyards are designed with graceful branches or archways to frame photos any direction you point your camera, but even the pets seem to know how to place themselves, like this little dog surrounded by flowers.

Japanese food is artistically laid out--every plate served is a minor masterpiece. Even in the fish market, everything is laid out in colorful design.

Having now been there once with a guided tour, I would not be afraid to go back alone as long as I stuck pretty much to the cities. The Japanese people are extremely polite and helpful. Not many speak English (most Japanese can read it, but haven't had enough experience speaking it), but as English has become the language of tourism, and Japan welcomes tourists, there are signs in English everywhere tourists are likely to go.

Japan is a very safe country, and a very clean country. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and will be happy to share my admittedly fragmented memories with you over the next few weeks.

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