Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Italy Part Six - Venice, Part One

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From Florence we took a high-speed train to Venice. Anyone who has ridden the reliable, comfortable modern trains of Europe or Japan wishes desperately we had the same kind of transport in the U.S.

Venice is, of course, famous for its canals. The entire city is a walking precinct--no vehicles allowed. Because the canals wind everywhere through the city, and most bridges are arched with steps on either side, the only available vehicles are boats. The buses are boats. The ambulances are boats. The police vehicles are boats.

The most famous boats, of course, are the gondolas, but they are far outnumbered by more practical, if less glamorous, transport.

Venice is right on the sea. One day we took a "bus" out to one of the islands in the bay, to get a perfect view of the city of Venice.

There was a church with a high tower, from which I took this photo. Again, amateur as I am--strictly a snapshot taker--the photo could be a postcard. Yet another effect of the beauty of Italy.

More about Venice next week.

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