Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nepal - Kathmandu, Part Two - January 10, 2009

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Last morning in Kathmandu. We walked down to Durbar Square and took photos of the temples and the palace, as well as the hippy-dippy Freak Street. *Sigh* Forty years ago our generation never imagined ourselves as one day being old folks feeling nostalgic for the 1970's!

We were out before the hordes of tourists, so I got a couple of good photos in the market. Most of the fabric shops, though, were closed, so I was unable to find the neat fabric we were rushed past yesterday.

Unable to get our boarding passes online, we went on out to the airport, paid in dollars for our departure fee, which was a hassle, but then had a nice lunch before taking our plane. We'll make a connection in Delhi, then another in Paris for home.

That's the end of my India/Nepal journal, but not the end of my photos and videos. For the next few weeks I will post here the best of the ones that didn't fit into the journal entries.

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