Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Different Sort of Post, for Me

This blog entry is a little different from my usual ramblings about
whatever happens to be on my mind. Oh, this is on my mind all right!
It's just a different sort of topic.

Because of the current recession, domain I run with
Jacqueline Lichtenberg--is just like everyone else: trying to meet
the same expenses with less income than in previous years.

If you are in the same position, you may find the information in this
post useful.

Need to find a way to earn some income from the web?

If so, you may not need the latest product or service being
"mega-launched." Maybe all you need is a little personal help from
someone doing it.

A man who has been doing it by giving away all sorts of free
information since 1996 (three years before we began is Jim

Yes, Jim is an Internet Entrepreneur, but he is one of the first (he has
withstood the test of time), and definitely not one of the obnoxious ones.
But he is the most generous. I am one of the original subscribers to his
eminently useful newsletter, and have taken advantage of his free
information over all these years.

Now Jim is opening enrollment for his most generous offer ever--free
(that's right--no payment required) access to a wealth of his advice and
experience in making money online, all at one website.

On Monday 6/15/2009, you can get that access here.

There's only one catch...

This is sort of an "anti-launch" event, so enrollment will last only a
few days.

(You'll understand why when you see the site.)

If nothing else, come by for the special gifts.

Just click here.

If you go there before June 15, you can sign up to have a reminder sent
to you the day enrollment opens.

After taking advantage of Jim's free offers for over twelve years, I have
recently enrolled in his gold membership program to gain access to an amazing
array of tools to help me help .

We are working toward selling our own books online. We have no "get rich
quick" scheme, just months and years of work ahead of us. But we are
determined to alive and well.

If you have any interest at all in making money online in a legal and
respectable way, I urge you to take advantage of Jim's free offer. It will
open Monday, June 15, and close once Jim has enrolled the number of new members that he is able to handle at this time.

I can promise you that Jim will not only not sell your
email address to spammers, but he will also not hand it around to his other entrepreneur friends. Yes, Jim sells things to make a living online, but
you are not among his products. He's a combination of modern E-entrepreneur and old-fashioned hands-on shopkeeper.

I think you'll like him. I know I do.

And by the way, I am also giving something away free: daily tips on writing fiction. You can find them at .

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